Valentine’s Day

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Today is the day when our thoughts turn to lve, whether we have that someone special to focus our attention on, or we don’t. What is it about this day that makes love more special than any other day? Hallmark profits soar today.  Everything is colored pink and red. Roses are the first choice of flowers, little candy hearts with words painted on, chocolates. I made heart-shaped pink pancakes this morning. What do those things have to do with love? 

What is love? A feeling, yes, but more so, action. Not just today, but every day. Going beyond yourself for someone else. Do they deserve it? Not always. Does that limit our action? Sometimes. But should it? Is that how you want to be treated and measured, by whether or not you deserve it? 

They say love is blind. Justice should be, but not love. Love should be able to recognize all the perfections…and the imperfections, and choose to stay anyway, knowing it will be returned in the same measure–boundless. That is true love. That is the love I seek, today and every day. That is the love I give, or want to give.

Tell those around you that you love them. Use your words today. Tomorrow, put those words in to action, at least one act every day. Continue to do so until the next February 14th when you will look back and see love, in all its glory. Want more of that? Repeat!

Happy Valentine’s Day.  


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