51JlGjlw0OLElizabeth Holt is a tough prosecutor…a champion for victims of the vile creatures who choose evil over good, especially when the victim is a young girl. This story breaks your heart for her on one page, then has you cheering for her success on the next. If I were in the victim’s shoes, Elizabeth Holt is who I’d want on my side every time. She plays to win.

Set in this reader’s backyard, Elizabeth Holt’s quest to find the man who is attacking women and leaving a trail of victims behind had me holding my breath and double-checking the locks on my windows.

JUSTICE FOR ALL, the first in the Holt Foundation Series by USA Today Best-selling Author Chris Patchell, is a consuming read that held me captive until I finished it. Ms. Patchell’s writing is so smooth, it allows the characters to take center stage and captivate the reader on page one.  I look forward to reading the rest of the series, IN THE DARK and DARK HARVEST. I love it when I find a favorite new author!

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