Close To Home ~ Robert Dugoni

Close to Home (The Tracy Crosswhite Series Book 5) by [Dugoni, Robert]


I have read all of Robert Dugoni’s work since I discovered him several years ago. I am especially enjoying the Tracy Crosswaite Series, and his latest book didn’t disappoint.

Brilliantly written, Close to Home ushers us into Detective Tracy Crosswaite’s world, our world—my city, as she investigates a murder. Her investigation sheds light on the real problems we all face regarding opiate addiction in our communities and even our own families. In trailing the murderer, Tracy exposes the growing opiate underworld while reminding us of the humanity of those caught up in it–those we are afraid to look at and those within our own homes. Dugoni allows us to see the dark side of opiate addiction, its effect on everyone it touches, and yet he reminds us we can find humanity in the middle of it all as we reach out to help those caught up in its web.

I am looking forward to reading the next in the Series, A Steep Price, due out in June 2018!


The Last Thing She Ever Did~Gregg Olsen

I recently had the pleasure of reading Gregg’s latest release. It is one of the best I’ve read 519H3L8E94L._SY346_(since his last one) and raises the bar for all the books to follow in 2018. I follow several authors regularly, and Gregg tops my list of favorites. In The Last Thing She Ever Did, the opening paragraph sets the stage for a ride you won’t forget. I think I actually held my breath at times. His pace is driving and quick, the tension high from the opening pages to the end.  The questions kept coming but he is masterful at not giving the answers immediately which pulled me in deeper, a skill I would love to learn by reading his work. I enjoyed this immensely and dedicated two days to read it, knowing it would place me in a vortex the minute I opened the book. FYI- It didn’t take two days…it’s that good! I highly recommend this book!