39740058C Hope Clark’s Newberry Sin is the perfect balance of intrigue and suspense, of heartwarming and heartbreak. This is Book Four in the series. I read each of the first three as they were released and I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening in the life of Carolina Slade.

Carolina Slade can be her own worst enemy and her best defense. Solving crimes might not be her obvious talent, but she gets it right in the end. Carolina Slade is a federal agent for the Department of Agriculture trying to stay out of hot water and still do her job when she is sucked into the world that is Newberry, SC.

Like all small towns, Newberry has its share of characters. Slade finds herself drawn into the thick of it between her boss who seems out to derail her and a murder within the first few pages. Slade’s sense that all is not right pulls her in deeper, and it might just cost her everything before its over.

I was vested in Slade’s survival from page one. Hope Clark makes you forget that these people are fictional characters. I still find myself thinking about Slade as if she were a real person.    Hope Clark has four books in another series, Edisto Beach, featuring a former Boston Detective, Callie Jean Morgan.  Equally good. You will want to read them all!!

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