A Cold Trail

Tracy Crosswaite can’t catch a break. Dan and Tracy plan to spend a few months in Cedar Grove while they remodel their home in Redmond. For Tracy, maternity leave was supposed to be filled with hours of lovingly caring for her newborn daughter and husband.

A Cold Trail

Instead, Tracy is pulled into a recent murder case by her old family friend and mentor. As she works to solve the crime, she learns it is connected to two cold cases, one as old as her sister’s murder.  Two of the victims were her sister’s friends from high school. Are the deaths related? Can Tracy solve the puzzle without losing her own life, or putting her family in danger?

This is Robert Dugoni at his best! His mastery of intrigue, weaving the story in and around the families of Cedar Grove, using their secrets, love, hurt, anger, and now murder, to tell the story and leaving you wondering who the real suspect is until the very end. Even though we know everyone’s secrets, we can’t help but hope that love will triumph and the idyllic Cedar Grove of Tracy’s childhood will one day return as little Daniella grows up.


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